I hate to be an ageist, but when I started going to people who were contemporaries, it was a way different conversation than it was with the Robert Hilburns of the world. It's one of those things—if they don't let you in the party, you create your own. And the party got bigger and bigger and bigger."

Wolfson’s second client, Loverboy, is also an outgrowth of his enthusiasm for the band’s music, and an anthem the tireless, 24/7 manager more than takes to heart: “Working for the Weekend.”

A true rock and roll fan who grew up on the music of the acts he now represents, Wolfson had fantasized about being part of the Daryl Hall and John Oates team since he was nine years old, when he purchased the 45 of “Kiss on My List.”

“It’s almost as if this were meant to be. I vividly remember sitting in the next to last row of an arena, watching these icons as a young teen during the ‘Big Bam Boom’ tour in 1985,” says Wolfson.

After promoting and booking Daryl Hall’s award-winning web series, Live from Daryl’s House, now in its fifth year, Wolfson rose to become the show’s co-executive producer, which now airs nationally on syndicated TV and the Palladia Channel.

“Jonathan cares as much about our career as we do, and is every bit as passionate,” says Daryl Hall. “He did more for us than any publicist I’ve had in my 40 years in the business and I just knew he could bring that same level of expertise to artist management. I like his sheer will, determination and take-no-prisoners atttitude. He’s willing to try anything, and so are we.”

He transmits that dedication to his job, which has often involved introducing legendary acts to a new generation through savvy partnerships and collaborations that help spread the word, musically, then virally.

“We’re already feeling the energy that comes with Jonathan’s commitment to succeed,” said Loverboy’s Mike Reno. “His enthusiasm and competitive drive have placed us in an enviable position.”

Wolfson, a New York native and die-hard football Giants fan, first moved to Los Angeles in 1994, and served an apprenticeship in the music department for famed entertainment publicist Lee Solters, before starting his own indie firm. He set out to offer publicity services and strategy to a client list he believed in both professionally and personally. Wolfson visited Mule Creek State Prison himself and convinced notorious Death Row hip-hop mogul Suge Knight to hire him as a publicist, then helped rehabilitate his media image upon the hip-hop mogul’s release, a working relationship that lasted six years.

Says Wolfson:  “There was never a dull moment working for Suge Knight.  I learned a lot from him, and that was the first time in my career that someone in a very high level position truly empowered me to make pivotal decisions. It was a sink-or-swim situation and I’m thankful for making it out the other end a stronger and wiser entertainment executive.”

Other acts for whom Wolfson has done publicity and marketing campaigns include The Doors, 3 Doors Down, Godsmack, Yanni, Tonic, Afroman, Peter Noone, Big Tymers, Beth Hart, Nick Lachey, Toto, Blue October, YES, T-Pain, Wu Tang Clan, DMX and the Ventures. He has also worked large-scale events like Motown’s 50th Anniversary as well as high-profile clients like SRC/Loud Records founder Steve Rifkind and Cash Money’s Bryan “Baby” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams.

Wolfson’s approach transcends traditional genre barriers on a case-by-case and situation-by-situation basis, always tailoring the approach to his clients’ individual needs. He and Wolfson Entertainment have been featured in Billboard and PR News as well as being interviewed on CNN, Fox, VH1 and Howard Stern.

“My goal has always been to integrate multi-tiered management and public relations strategies into an overall plan that involves marketing and promotion as well as touring, licensing and merchandising. Wolfson Entertainment gives me the chance to consolidate all that activity under one roof.”

Daryl Hall & John Oates



  onathan Wolfson will be the first to admit he’s a Gen X nerd, but he’s managed to turn young musical hipsters on to veteran acts.  By targeting new media and refreshing old-school brands, Wolfson Entertainment, Inc.—his full-service management, publicity and marketing agency, with an expertise in music, entertainment and corporate clients—has revived and prolonged their careers for a new generation.

Daryl Hall and John Oates, the best-selling music duo of all time, were the first signing to the company’s management roster, an outgrowth of Wolfson’s professional and personal relationships with Daryl and John, which included handling their publicity for the previous five years with his first company, Wolfson Public Relations.

He explained his no-holds-barred approach for the duo in an interview with Billboard Magazine: "When I started doing press for them, it was the same clichéd rock critics saying, 'Well, you didn't play CBGB's in '78 . . .'

Jonathan Wolfson