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Jonathan Wolfson will be the first to admit he’s a Gen X nerd, but he’s managed to turn young musical hipsters on to veteran acts. By targeting new media and refreshing old-school brands, Wolfson Entertainment, Inc.—his full-service management, publicity and marketing agency, with an expertise in music, entertainment and corporate clients—has revived and prolonged their careers for a new generation.

Daryl Hall and John Oates, the best-selling music duo of all time, were the first signing to the company’s management roster, an outgrowth of Wolfson’s professional and personal relationships with Daryl and John, which included handling their publicity for the previous five years with his first company, Wolfson Public Relations.

After promoting and booking Daryl Hall’s award-winning web series, “Live from Daryl’s House,” now in its ninth year, Wolfson rose to become the show’s co-executive producer.

He and Wolfson Entertainment have been featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Hits, PR Week, as well as being interviewed on CNN, Fox, VH1 and Howard Stern.

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